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"purely transcendent!"

"an ancient feel of which begs intimacy with the eternal."

"soul-piercing a capellas."

"LOVED THE CD!!  Absolutely ethereal.  I've been listening in the car and my son, Owen is trying to imitate the sounds and sing along which is HIGH PRAISE from a 5-year-old." 

Debie Urycki, Writer
"Your CD is absolutely gorgeous.  My husband has been playing it over and over.  He says the vocal harmonies are the most beautiful he's ever heard -- truly exquisite"

Linda Eisenstein, Playwright
Congratulations on the cd! I just wanted to tell you it is just so awesome!  I think the appeal is the chants are really pleasing to the ear!!!! And the harmonies ....wow!  I am a classically trained pianist and singer and this cd just rocks in my opinion!!!

Kim Wasielewski, Musician
"The CD is phenomenal." 

Bob Ellis, Theater Coordinator Cuyahoga Community College

"...the passages fill me with warmth and calmness and energy. I can feel so much Love in the music !"

Anne Christon, Artist

"The sound of this group is soulful and organic" 

Heidi Shaffer, Director of the Kent Yoga Center
"It's certainly a project that is completed at an appropriate time...Through this music, a bit more peace will spread through the world."
Rev. Lillith Lewis, Director of Living Spirit

"We love your music.  It is very warm, deeply textured, and extremely peaceful.  We have listened to it every Sunday morning since we got it and several times throughout the week.  Thanks for recording it and making it available."

Mike and Nicole Rogers, Professors at the University of Witchita, Kansas
"Words fail me because the sound is so unusual that I cannot put a word to it - it is sublime and a sound that is pure and base, as in foundational, as in unsullied, a sound which denotes innocence yet connotes a sense of a reality that underlies that innocence - bon bon bon" 

Beth Sholtis, Artist

A Breathing Room Yoga Music Design (2004)
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